Joseph Marr (born 1979) is an Australian Artist of English/Maori heritage who lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Working in a number of media including painting, sculpture, video and photography, his art is conceptually oriented, and generally concerned with issues of consciousness.

“For me, Sugar made into human Objects is a useful metaphor for the attachments we make with Desire in our lives. The attraction of Sugar, the colour, the surface, the stickiness, the energy source all point towards the predicament of being human.”

Ram Dass Lecture on Separation, Lust and Kali

Every basic esoteric religion concerned with liberation deals with lust. Your predicament is, you are a separate entity, unworthy inadequate etc… separated from the whole, and you are yearning to get back to that feeling of the wholeness. And you are feeling separate and you are using all of your powers to come back to wholeness. What is the power you have that will most quickly get you back to this feeling of being one? Well very simply, that power is the power of the orgasm, power of sex. And its a beautifully designed game, you must admit, that the species is reproduced through that thing that gives you the experience of God, and yet keeps you separate. Because only at the moment of orgasm is there no you, and no one else, there is just the orgasm. A moment before it you are making love, and a moment after it you are remembering… if you are really good you can stretch it out for so many seconds, and at that moment you are in the Tao, in the flow of the universe. You can see why sex has that power, because its under mans control to bring him to god, woman’s control to bring her to god. Its where you can keep your separateness, control it, and bring yourself to that moment, to that space. But you can’t keep it cause its in time, and because its time it has in it suffering, lust has inherent within it suffering, theres no way it doesn’t because you can’t make permanent that space of non separateness. Anything that is in time as Christ and Buddha both pointed out among others is the cause of suffering because its here today and gone tomorrow. So we are not knocking lust. There is another element of lust, the arousal process for lust is the arousal of seeing another being as an object, the spiritual process of seeing another being is seeing them as subject, which is to say, when I look at another person my game is to look through all ways you are separate from me and see all the ways in which you and I are one being, ok. If I am looking at you with lust, I am attached to that in you which is different to that in me cause thats what arouses me. So my actions based on lust although apparently bringing me closer to a feeling of god (the orgasm) are actually in a deeper sense taking me away from god because they are increasing my seeing other people as objects and increasing my despair as it increases my suffering. So it turns out lust is not gonna get you to god, simple as that. Now this is the heavy one, and I realise many of you squirm, reasonably so, you don’t want to hear this… (edit) The predicament you are gonna face, which will haunt you believe me, this is the heavy one, about sex, is that sex is obviously a very beautiful thing. But very clearly, if what you want is to be liberated and you want to be liberated in this lifetime, if you aspire to that, then every act you do must bring you closer to god and you don’t do any other acts in order to get another rush. Because rushes are the illusion of god but not god, they are the touching of god but not being “in” god. And its tricky to turn away from something… the whole fundamentalist christian dance is to say the ten commandments, good and evil, if you lust you are evil. That isn’t what this game is about at all, its nothing to do with good and evil. It is merely functional, you wanna get to this place, you do this. You wanna get to that place you do that. If you want to enhance your pleasure in the world, you have good sex. And if you don’t have good sex, go to a psychotherapist or a counsellor or a group or take S training or something that will open you up more and more so you can have more fun in the world, more pleasure, more power more gratification IN THE WORLD. That would be a reasonable strategy for someone who wants it in this world. IF you want liberation from this world and all worlds, so you can be in all worlds but without attachment. If you want that which is being in god, this is a very specialised game I want you to know… don’t enter this lightly, to go for liberation is a total push program. it involves everything in your life, every moment. Total transformation of your being… its like you can’t be on a fruit fast and then go and have a chocolate milkshake. You CAN do it, but then your not on fruit fast. Its not evil to have a chocolate milkshake. So there is nobody saying sex is bad, it is merely saying you decide what you want and see what you are willing to invest to get it. Ultimately you are entering into a sexual, not genital but sexual union with god, thats what all the symbology is about, the bride of god and all that stuff. You become not only the Yoni that is the Vagina which receives the universe into yourself, but you become the lingam as well which penetrates into the universe and the entire game you are both male and female and god has a both male and female aspect of the mother and father and the two of them come together, and that is the orgasmic moment of the enlightenment… and that is an orgasm of every cell of your brain it is a total orgasm of your entire being, even deeper than that it is an orgasm of the soul. Thats what your giving it up for. It is in delay of gratification research known as giving up the little candy bar now for the big candy bar later.



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  • 2018 Berlin, March, Michael Reid Gallery
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